Is Data Security Doomed?

Admit it, you've asked this question at least once. After 2016, who hasn't? However, the real question to ask is whether everything is getting worse - cost and predictability - not whether security itself is simply doomedInformation is the cornerstone of every business. How we make use of it now determines our success or failure, whether it's "big data" or email data. 

Join our webinar "Data: Asset, Liability, and What Comes Next"
February 7th | 1:30pm ET | 10:30am PT

Many jurisdictions have recently considered or enacted significant expansions of regulation on the collection, processing, and storage of data, from forced localization regimes, to greatly-expanded governance requirements, to "legal access" requests that function much more like demands. Once we add surveillance to the mix, it becomes clear: data is both our biggest asset and our most unpredictable liability. Data security is still the heart of the issue.
Join speaker Brendan O’Connor, Esq. and Jacob Ginsberg, Senior Director at Echoworx for an overview of the situation both in the US and abroad, and a re-examination of whether data security is doomed to be a cost center, or if YOU can make it a competitive advantage.

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Learn how YOU can make data security a competitive advantage!

Tuesday, February 7th 
1:30 pm ET | 10:30 am PT

Guest speaker:
Brendan O’Connor is a consultant and researcher based in Seattle, WA. His work focuses on assisting corporations and law firms with security, risk management, and information governance needs. His research focuses on distributed sensing and disposable computing, and through his consultancy, Malice Afterthought, was awarded two DARPA Cyber Fast Track research contracts. He is also Vice-Chair of the ABA’s Information Security Committee. His website is